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A Legacy: From Pattie & Jenaya

Pattie: In her lifetime, Marianne had been a writer, a quilter, a painter, a spinner, a shepherdess, a gardener, a soap maker, and an herbalist. Most recently, she had started a YouTube channel sharing her skills. Because of Marianne, I learned to quilt, paint, spin, and make soap. Not only was she my “mom,” my friend, and my mentor, she gave the gift of sharing with others to me. She also gave the gifts of being fearless, taking delight in life, and inviting me into her world. Her life wasn’t an easy life, but she looked for, and counted every blessing from God; she took joy in the goodness of each day and lived with grace through the bad. We proudly walk in her footsteps, carrying on her legacy of joyfully greeting each day sharing our skills, opening our table to and our lives to you.

Jenaya: There are some people who change your life forever; Marianne was one of those. Her life was vibrant and full of love and care, and I'm so blessed to have known her and loved her. It has been so special to get to share our Marianne Spün with you--she would have been thrilled and embarrassed to have a whole yarn line named after her. We hope that by sharing these little parts of Marianne with you, that you get a sense of who she was. Thank you for helping us keep her memory alive. Who are some people in your life that have made all the difference?


Photo: From the quilt Marianne made for Jenaya

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