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Guest Post: From Kristy

From Jenaya: Kristy is my Art Buddy from college. We took so many drawing and painting classes together and I'm so thrilled to get to carry some of her beautiful journals for all your note-taking needs!  Introducing Kristy Caprai of Capretta Creations! 

Kristy: I am an artist born and raised in Idaho, and have been creating things since I could hold a paint brush. I've tried just about every art medium but bookbinding is my current favorite. As a stay at home mom, working on bookbinding projects is an amazing way to escape and have some me time. With a year's worth of experience making books, I have made over 50 and counting.

Currently in my collection are books made with paste paper, soy wax batik, rust print, marbled paper and other gorgeous hardcover books. While coptic stitch style binding is my favorite, I also enjoy Secret Belgian binding, and Japanese stab binding. 

I believe that whatever an artist decides to create inside my books is more than good enough to go there. My hope is that the covers of my books help to inspire what goes on the inside.


Make sure to follow Kristy & all of her adventures on Instagram & check our her other beautiful journals & sketchbooks on her Etsy shop

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