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Welcome to the Table: From Pattie

The gift of a spinning wheel forced me to be a learner. To remember that awkward feeling of ignorance and doing it anyway. I took spinning classes, dyeing classes. I learned to wash fleeces. A new world opened up. Marianne knew things and her generosity and love of learning were a gift that has continued to give ever since.

We all need a Marianne, that person who builds us up, teaches, mentors, comes alongside, laughs, hugs, and encourages. I love teaching, learning, giving and receiving encouragement. Jenaya and I started talking about opening our own little yarn shop. To build a place where yarnies come together to laugh, teach, learn, mentor and encourage one another. A place where “you are needed--just as you are.” Unlike anyone else. The best and most important thing? Now you’re here. There is a place at the table, and it’s just for you. Welcome.


Photo: Jenaya & Pattie out for coffee when Jenaya visits from CA.

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