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Marianne Spün Art Yarn: Bedding For the Chickens


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The Story:

New baby chicks came to live on the little farm that Tom and Marianne had. Their pen was lined with soft brown straw and the chicks were introduced to their new home until they were big enough to live outside with the big chickens.

  • The Weight & Color Description

Bedding For the Chickens is a heavy worsted to light bulky weight and is a natural linen color mixed with mustard yellow and small bits of pink.  


  •  The Fiber Content & Texture
50% linen 50% angora wool, silk & baby camel down
Bedding For the Chickens is highly textured and extremely toothy yarn. It will feel rough and dense to work with, but will soften up with handling. While we still rate this Two Sheep Soft, note that it will not be comfortable on delicate skin without a lot of handling.
  • Yardage & Artist
106 yards, 4.8 oz. Spun by Jenaya

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