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The Softness Scale

 Wondering how soft your yarn is going to be? Well have we got a nifty tool for you. We know buying yarn online can be nebulous, and sometimes, very frustrating. Below you will find our key to help you navigate the wonderful world of wool.  


                      Three soft

  • used for next-to-the skin projects 
  • camisoles, baby clothes, scarves, lace 
  • no itch or scratch 
  • shorter fibers that will pill
  • Microns: Under 17-22
  • Typical Sheep Breeds: Merino, Rambouillet
  • Cashmere, angora, bamboo, camel, alpaca, cottons


                               Two soft

  • sweaters, socks, hats, mittens, afghans 
  • comfortable for most people to wear 
  • little to no itch 
  • more durable but tends not to pill 
  • Microns: 23-30
  • Typical Sheep Breeds: Targhee, Dorset, Corriedale, Cheviot, Suffolk, Shetland
  • Acrylic 


                                       One Soft

  • outer wear, rugs, blankets, weaving, bags, jackets, rugged wear, boots, slippers 
  • rugged, heavy duty 
  • durable without pilling 
  • Microns: 31- over 40
  • Typical Sheep Breeds: Border Leicester, Lincoln, Romney, Navajo-Churro, Cotswold
  • Metalic yarns, craft yarns


Disclaimer: This scale is always subject to each individual's tactile preferences and serves as a rough guide only. Watch for a blog post for more in-depth information.