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Where Roots Grow Marianne Spün Hand Spun Art Yarn

Where Roots Grow Marianne Spün Art Yarn

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The Story:

Often people take soil for granted. Marianne did not. She enriched her garden with chicken manure, sheep manure, plant leftovers, and kitchen leftovers. In return, her soil blessed her with beautiful flowers and vegetables.

  • The Weight & Color Description
Where Roots Grow is a light worsted weight in soft browns, with pink, orange and white dappled throughout.

  •  The Fiber Content & Texture
100% custom blend of mixed sheep's wool from Marianne's sheep & merino wool, silk & bamboo. 
Where Roots Grow is a textured yarn with a small halo and a bit of tooth. We rate this Two Sheep Soft.
  • Yardage & Artist
84 yards, 3 oz. Spun by Pattie
41 yards, 1 oz. Spun by Pattie