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Marianne Spün Art Yarn: Meadow Frolic


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The Story:
Marianne was a shepherdess. Her pastures were luscious green grass with pockets of trees and watering holes. It was heaven for sheep. Every evening, Marianne would begin the walk through the pastures, calling the sheep by name; they would come scampering up at the sound of her voice, ready to come to the safety she provided.

  • The Weight & Color Description
Meadow Frolic is a robust thick n' thin core spun yarn, heavy worsted weight in shades lime green, light and dark olive green with a hint of blue here and there, and is wrapped with a navy and bright green thread.
  •  The Fiber Content & Texture
100% custom blend of mixed sheep's wool from Merino wool.

Meadow Frolic is a highly textured yarn with a small halo and a bit of tooth. We rate this Two Sheep Soft
  • Yardage & Artist
Approx. 122 yards, 5 oz. Spun by Jenaya.
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