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Milking Annabelle Marianne Spün Hand Spun Art Yarn

Milking Annabelle Marianne Spün Art Yarn

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The Story:

Marianne called each little goat by name and walked it up the ramp so she could milk it. Annabelle was especially attentive to being called, and would come up to the fence for a scratch behind the ears.The creamy white milk was gently coaxed out, then made into cheese or soap.


  • The Weight & Color Description
Milking Annabelle is a gentle thick n' thin, but errs on the side of a light to true DK weight. It is a natural white to cream with a bit of pale ice blue.
  •  The Fiber Content & Texture
100% angora wool and silk. Single ply. 
We rate this One Sheep Soft.
  • Yardage & Artist
92 yards, 1.34 oz. Spun by Jenaya