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Marianne Spün Art Yarn: Mixing the Paint For the Grass


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The Story:
Marianne was a painter. I loved watching her put a dab of this color and that color onto her mixing board, then using a bit of water and her brush, grab a bit of this color and that to blend into a new color. She worked swiftly, intuitively mixing and dabbing until a painting was born.


  • The Weight & Color Description

Mixing Paint for the Grass is a gentle thick n' thin yarn that ranges from a heavy sport to heavy worsted weight in shades of lime green accented with varying shades blue fluff spun in.


  •  The Fiber Content & Texture

100% custom blend of mixed sheep's wool from Marianne's sheep & merino wool & yarn scraps. 

Sunlight Behind Leaves is a highly textured yarn with a small halo and a bit of tooth. We rate this Two Sheep Soft

  • Yardage & Artist

164 yds, 4.1 oz. Spun by Pattie 

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