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Sunflowers & Chickens Marianne Spün Hand Spun Art Yarn

Sunflowers & Chickens Marianne Spün Art Yarn

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The Story:

Sunflowers and Chicken was Marianne’s favorite motif to paint. On the side on the house, on a bench, and even, on the plain pine coffin that Marianne’s mother purchased, but never used. No need to waste perfectly good painting space.

  • The Weight & Color Description
Sunflowers and Chickens is a true worsted to heavy worsted weight and is a cheerful mix of red, yellow, brown, burgundy and green  
  •  The Fiber Content & Texture
100% custom blend of  mixed sheep's wool from Marianne's sheep, baby alpaca, & merino wool. 
We rate this Two Sheep Soft.
  • Yardage & Artist
169 yards, 3.25 oz. Spun by Jenaya