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Airing the Down Quilt Marianne Spun Hand Spun Art Yarn

Airing the Down Quilt Marianne Spün Art Yarn

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The Story:
Every year we pulled the large down quilt off Marianne’s bed and rubbed it down with lavender. Then we hung it out on the clothesline in the fresh spring air to soak up sunshine. 
  • The Weight & Color Description
Airing the Down Quilt is a smooth worsted weight in shades of green with a touch of pink, yellow and cream.
  •  The Fiber Content & Texture
100% custom blend of mixed sheep's wool from Marianne's sheep & merino wool.
The Down Quilt is a highly textured yarn with a small halo and a bit of tooth. We rate this Two Sheep Soft.
  • Yardage & Artist
158 yards, 3.63 oz. Spun by Pattie